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Top 5 reasons why Tropical Safari is the best place to learn kite Surfing in Egypt

Are you looking to learn kitesurfing? If so, you may be wondering where to go for the best experience. There are many places around the world where you can learn kitesurfing, but if you want to quickly, safely, and confidently become an independent kite surfer, the best place to go is Egypt. And within Egypt, there’s no better place to learn than on a Tropical Safari. Here are the top five reasons why.

kite surfing in Egypt
  1. Shallow, obstacle-free water: One of the most important things to consider when learning to kitesurf is the depth of the water you’re in. Learning in shallow water is essential because it allows you to stand up at any point and collect yourself, your board, and your kite. In shallow water, you can easily walk back to your instructor rather than struggling with body dragging and self-rescue in deep water. And the shallow water in the spots visited during a Tropical Safari has no rocks, sea urchins, or other sharp objects that could injure your feet.
  2. Warm water: The last thing you want when learning to kitesurf is to be cold and uncomfortable in the water. The Red Sea’s water temperature is warm and comfortable, particularly during the summer months from June to September, averaging around 25 degrees Celsius. This means that you can spend hours in the water wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts and a rash guard.

  3. Clean, consistent winds: One of the most frustrating things when learning kitesurfing is not being able to take your lessons due to no wind. In Egypt, this is not a problem. The spots visited during a Tropical Safari have a historical average of 80% kite able wind from June through September, usually pumping around 20 to 25 knots. And forget about gusty conditions—the wind comes across the sea from the north/northeast with no obstructions. This is as clean and consistent wind as you will ever find.
  4. Flat water: Learning kitesurfing in choppy water is no fun. That’s why it’s important to learn in flat water, which allows you to focus on board control and riding rather than getting pushed around by rough water. The Red Sea is incredibly calm, and all of the spots visited during a Tropical Safari are calm bays and reef-protected lagoons.
  5. Uncrowded spots: When learning kitesurfing, having enough space to practice is crucial. On a Tropical Safari, you’ll be taken to exclusive Red Sea locations that are only accessible by boat. The islands visited during the safari are a private archipelago of kitesurfing bliss! There are no crowded kite stations or resorts, and you’ll be kiting in huge areas that you have virtually to yourself. This provides a no-pressure environment to learn in, allowing you to progress at your own pace.
kite surfing in Egypt

If you want to learn kitesurfing in the best possible conditions, Egypt is the place to go. And if you want to learn in the best possible way, on a Tropical Safari is the way to do it. With shallow, obstacle-free water, warm temperatures, clean and consistent winds, flat water, and uncrowded spots, you’ll have everything you need to quickly, safely, and confidently become an independent kite surfer.

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